Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have the right to choose my own repairer?
A: YES, YOU DO. Under state government legislation, it is illegal for insurance companies to force you to go to their repairer.

Q: What method of payment is available?
A: We accept cash, company cheques or payment via direct deposit. Unfortunately, we do not accept personal cheques. Please note, company cheques and direct deposits must clear before vehicle is collected.

Q: Will my car be detailed upon completion of repairs?
A: We do provide our customers with a complimentary car wash and clean. The insurance companies do not pay us to detail your car, however, if you would like to take advantage of our onsite detailing services, please enquire when you book in your vehicle.

Q: Do I need to contact more than one repairer to obtain estimates?
A: No, it’s your right to choose your repairer. Only one estimate is required.

Q: Can you match my vehicles paint colour?
A: YES. Today’s modern factory finishes incorporate multiple layers of highly specialised paints and we have made a major investment a PPG paint system. We take special pride in our ability to match factory finishes.

Q: Can I get a quote for the repairs over the phone?
A: No, but you can submit an Online Quote on our website which will give us the basics required to give you an estimate. For a more thorough quote, we need to inspect the vehicle to be able to assess the full extent of the damage. You can make an appointment for a quote between 8am and 4pm on weekdays and 9am to 11am on Saturdays.

Q: Will I have to pay an excess?
A: If you are not at fault and you have all the details of the other party involved, you shouldn’t have to pay an excess. Your insurer will advise you about this. In some instances, you would be much better off putting the claim through your own insurer to avoid the possible delays associated with third party insurance.

Q: Who do I pay the excess to?
A: If an excess applies, you must pay it to the repairer. Your excess must be paid prior to or upon collection of your vehicle.

Q: Can I get a rental car?
A: If you require a rental car that is not through your insurer, we can organise it for you. Just let us know when you book in your car and we will take all the required details and organise a vehicle to be here for you when you drop off your car.

Q: Is there warranty on the repairs to my vehicle?
A: Yes, all repairs performed by Powers Road Smash Repairs are backed by a “lifetime of ownership” guarantee. This means that our work is guaranteed for the period that you own the vehicle. Please note that there are minor items NOT covered by our warranty which are:

1. Normal wear and tear
2. Damage caused by extreme exposure to the elements such as salt water and ultra violet light
3. Damage caused by stone chips, bird droppings, tree sap, environmental fallout and pollutants.
4. Damage caused by neglect, abuse, accident or failure to maintain.

Do you have any questions we haven’t covered? Please call us on 02 9624 6322