Spray Painting

Experienced spray painters, highest quality paint and consumables, latest automated vehicle and truck downdraft spray booths and baking ovens and the specialised art of colour matching ensure we will restore your vehicle to its pre-accident lustrous best.

The paint shop incorporates paint technology to ensure compliance with current environmental legislation.

Automotive Paint Matching

Did you know that Colour Matching is a very technical process? Below is a brief outline.

To respray a vehicle, you cannot just simply order the paint off the shelf. The paint for vehicle needs to be individually mixed from a formula that is provided by the vehicle manufacturer. Each paint colour contains different shades of paint called “tinters”. For example, the average metallic colour could have approximately 8-10 different tinters that when mixed according to the formula in their specific quantities, creates the factory specified colour.

Colour matching is a computer assisted process which helps us to mix the correct quantity of the required colour. When the colour has been mixed, it still needs to physically checked by the colour matcher as there may still be a variant in the colour. Even factory sprayed vehicle have colour variances.

The colour matcher will spray the paint onto a spray out card and take it to the vehicle for comparison. Sometimes, the mixture needs to be varied slightly to obtain a better match.

This process is undertaken by expert tradesmen to ensure that your vehicle colour is matched to the closest degree and spray painted to give you the ultimate finish. 

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